Prossimamente – Forthcoming

Panta rhei — motion in the Milky WayGiusto per “creare” un po’ di suspense e d’attesa, in questa pagina sono indicate alcune delle “prossime uscite”.


Right to create suspense and anticipation!!

In this page, the Research Projects, on which I am working, are indicated. They will be the next publications.



Unfortunately, the Research Projects that are indicated below are to be delayed until further notice. This is due the huge damages caused by some technicians to the computer where:

  • both, all the data, articles and notes (that have been gathered since 2005);
  • and, most of the minutes, drafts and sketches, which have been written in the last 10 years of studies and researches on these themae / issues and others;

have been stored.

I wrote about it in the Communication of the 24 December 2015.

Link to the Communication of the 24 Dicember 2015:

Nevertheless, I leave here the Resume and the Presentation of these two Research Projects.


Psychology and Theory of Knowledge. How Psychology is misused and abused.

After the success of De Nova Superstitione, I decided to write something about the Epistemological Status of Psychology. But, this writing is not a translation in English of the first book, as some people asked Me to do. Nevertheless, some of the arguments, I have illustrated in De Nova Superstitione, could be used.

The main aim of this writing is to be a very comprehensible text. It will be written for every person, it does not matter his/her cultural and academic backgrounds. To communicate is not useful to employ complex languages. Usually, high technical and uncompressible jargons are used by Technocrats to impose “their power” onto the others. They pretend to say something of reasonable, neutral and “scientific”, when they make arbitrary choices that advantage the interests / points of view of someone (against the interests / points of view of someone else)!

This writing will explain: “how”, sometimes, psychology is misused and abused; and, “what” people can do (in these cases) against the misusers and/or abusers.



Occidental and Oriental Alchemy in: both, the Syncretism of Japanese Manga / Anime; and, the other new Modern Tales. New Parables, Innovative Metaphors, for an Ancient Knowledge.

Most Authors suggested that some Fairy-Tales and Fables were allegorical discourses about the Alchemical Work. As Times are changed, also the allegorical languages, which have been used to describe the Alchemical Work, are changed.

This article speaks about these new allegorical languages, which are used to describe the Alchemical Discourse, in our Society. In particular, it is shown how some Manga’s Masterpieces (Saint Seiya, 聖闘士星矢, Seinto Seiya; Saiyuki, 幻想魔伝 最遊記, Gensōmaden Saiyūki; Hunter x Hunter, ハンターハンター, Hantā Hantā; One Piece, ワンピース; Shaman King, シャーマンキング, Shāman Kingu; Yu-gi-ho! Zexal, 遊☆戯☆王ゼアル, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zearu; Dragon Balls, ドラゴンボール, Doragon Bōru; Aquarion, 創聖のアクエリオン, Sousei no Akuerion; etc…) contain in their allegories the Alchemical Discourse.  Yet, other animations (that do not belong to the Japanese manga / anime) will be also considered. For instance, the latters are: Huntik – Secrets & Seekers (it is 100% Italian, but its original title was in English!!); Avatar: The Legend of Aang and/or Avatar: The Last Airbender (It is American, from U.S.A.); etc … .

The writing will be a Speech as Alchemists were used to speak!!

It will show a coherent discourse, where the logical relationship among these languages are described, without revealing the keys of the Alchemical Code.

So, for who have “no ears” for it, it will be a “non-sense”. This is as, unfortunately, I do not have those keys!! I am not the Gatekeeper!!

My knowledge of Alchemy is from a Theoretical Perspective. I know so few (…almost nothing…) about its instruments and operations. So, you will need other writers read.

If you are wandering how it is possible to speak about Alchemy, without knowing “what” Alchemy speaks about, I have to give you an obvious answer.

Actually, Human Beings speak frequently in this way. They created even two languages, which are considered the most scientific and trustful, to speak in such manner. They are: Logics and Mathematics.  The Logic Language speaks about the logic form of a reasoning without telling anything about the meaning / significance of the reasoning itself. You can know if an inference (you have done) is valid or invalid without knowing what you have inferred!!  The Mathematical Language does the same with: numerical quantities; relationship among numerical quantities; and variables.

Exempli gratia …,

P(m) means only that an entity m has the property P, but we do not know anything about them;

Q → P means only that if Q then P, but we do not know: both, what Q is; and, what P is;

F(x) = y + 3 means only that between a variable x and a variable y exist a particular relationship that has been explicit with the above Function / Mathematical Model. But, what x is, and what y is, we do not have any idea!! They could be everything and nothing!!

In other words, all these languages give an abstract logical form of a possible reasoning, without telling anything about what it refers!!

So, Alchemy is an abstract Symbolic Language like: Logic Language; and, Mathematical Language. You can understand and speak the Alchemical Language in a coherent manner (knowing what either valid or invalid inferences are) without knowing what you are speaking about!!

Nevertheless, as you can define the Logical and Mathematical Symbols, you can also define the Alchemical Symbols.

But, be careful. They can be defined in different manner from person to person, as no Alchemists told clearly about them. Alchemists left this Quest to everyone is brave enough to deal with this Discourse.

You can think, they have been cheating so long so far.

Maybe, they do; maybe, they do not.

Anyways…, I can tell you that any abstract Logic Language hides always a certain degree of trickery.

Do you remember Faust of Goethe? The Devil suggested studying Logic, to the young University Student, who asked for an advice to Him, without knowing, who he was!!

Then, if you are Italian (and, not from barbaric origin), you should remember the Divina Commedia, Inferno (XXVII).

One of the Devils, “un d’ì  neri Cherubini”, went to claim the Soul of Guido da Montefeltro. Even if San Francesco moved forward Guido to bring him in Paradiso, the Devil proved, with logical reasoning, the sin of Guido:

ch’assolver non si può chi non si pente,

nè pentere e volere insieme poussi

per la contradizion che nol consente”.

So, Guido went to the Inferno. The Devil told him: “Forse tu non pensavi ch’Io loico fossi”.

In other words, this study will be a meta-discourse about: the Alchemical Allegories; and, how they moved from the symbols and metaphors, which belonged to some languages, to new symbols and metaphors, which belongs to new modern languages.

So, you have to know: the allegories; the logical relationship among their symbols. You do not need to know what they mean for reading this text!!