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A Young Star Information about the author.

In Italy, he has the degrees of: Doctor of Law, 110/110 cum Laude (v.o.), which in other legal Systems corresponds to “Summa cum Laude”; Doctor of Psychological Sciences and Techniques (L 24, D.M. 270/2004); Masterly / Masterful (literally traslation) Doctor of Psychology, 110/110 cum Laude  (LM 51, D.M. 270/2004). He also studied abroad: in Australia, at the James Cook University (Arts / Psychology); and in United Kingdom, at the University of Cambridge – Girton College (Criminology).

In the past, he dedicated himself to multiple volunteer activities. The latter was for the Australian Government - Australian Tax Office as Qualified and Accredited Volunteer for the Australian Tax Help program. He devoted special commitment to the defense and the protection of student rights. An activity done mainly in Australia and England. In Australia, he served as: Student Representative at the Faculty of Arts, Education and Social Sciences; and member of the James Cook Students’ Association Academic Committee. At the University of Cambridge, he worked to change some Regulations of the Statutes and Ordinances of the University, which (at the time) were strongly misused against the students’ rights. In order to make an “incisive” action against the “corruption” of the System, he refused the title offered and approved by the University of Cambridge (with its Status, Rights and Privileges) creating a “leading case” in thema. His action (after years) made the University change some regulations. Exempli gratia: O.I.A. sentenced / condemned the University of Cambridge to change one of its regulations; I.C.O. sentenced / condemned the University of Cambridge to give full access to all the documentation that proved the unlawfulness done by the University. The illegalities done by the Institute of Criminology, Faculty of Law and Board of Graduate Studies, were recognized also in an internal Formal Complain Procedure.

Nevertheless he refused the title, he maintained all the Know How acquired during the courses. Moreover, he extended his Know How thanks the experiences done for leading this “action of protest”.

For professional up-date, he followed: the second edition of the Master of Specialization in Tax Law and Tax Disputes (Tax Litigations & Controversies) organized by the Business School of “Il Sole 24 Ore”; the fifth edition of the Certificate in Digital Forensics, Cybersecurity and Computer Crimes organized by ANGIF (Associazione Nazionale Giuristi Informatici e Forensi); the first edition of the Master in Tax Law organized by the S.A.F. of the Italian Association of Business Consultants and Auditors (Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti e Revisori Contabili); the first edition of the Graduate Diploma of Specialisation in Criminalistics organised by the Universita’ di Genova (University of Genoa – Law Faculty) & the Forensic Department of Italian Police – Liguria; Graduate Diploma of Specialisation in CyberSecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection (54 CFU) organised by the Università di Genova (University of Genoa – Engineering Faculty); the Certificate of second level in Applied Kinesiology and the Graduate Diploma (three years) in Homeopathy organized by the Scuola di Medicina Omeopatica di Genova (School of Homeopathic Medicine of Genoa); three years of Postgraduate and Advanced Education in Homeopathy by the Scuola di Medicina Omeopatica di Genova (School of Homeopathic Medicine of Genoa); the Diploma in Regressive Hypnosis; the Professional Traineeship and Apprenticeship for Honorary Judge; the Programmes of Specialisation, Courses & Seminars organised by the Italian National School for the Judiciary, which ensures professional training of members of the Judiciary; the Higher Master in CyberSecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection (Master di secondo livello), 110/110 cum Laude,  organised by the Università di Genova (University of Genoa – Engineering Faculty).

For “political choice”, he decided not to join at any political party, association and / or group. Exception was done for some student associations while he was in status pupillari at: James Cook University; and the University of Cambridge. The associations were: James Cook Students’ Association; Cambridge University Students’ Union.

In 2006, he was also a member of the Moral Sciences Club at the University of Cambridge.

He is Interdisciplinary Advisor and Reseacher.

Expert / Lecturer registered in the Roll of the Lecturers of the Italian National School for the Judiciary.

Former Honorary Judge of the Court of Appeals for the Division of the Minors (under age people).

Former Lecturer at The School of Homeopatic Medicine of Genova in: Homeopathy and Scientific Paradigm.

He is engaged in pro bono activities for cases considered “morally and ethically” valid, despite he lives (unfortunately, at the present tense) in a “small town”, where people are wretched and muck spreaders, so that they deserve nothing.

Who is the author?

Title of Kindness:    Dr

Name:                     Luca

Surname:                Epis

Citizenship:             Italian

Gender:                   Male

Languages: Italian (mother tongue); English (good); Latin (High School); Japanese (base).  

Areas of Interest and Research:

Law; Psychology and Complementary Medicine; Criminology, Security and Forensic Sciences. The Method has an interdisciplinary approach with particular attention to epistemological issues.

The method is interdisciplinary. Everything is ONE. As Popper said: “There are no disciplines or branches of knowledge or investigations: there are only problems and the need to solve them“.

Internet presence:

This is the only site of the Author. He does not use any other internet site and / or social network (such as facebook, linkedin, etc …).