BREXIT: here is “How” English People have saved all European Peoples from an Europe that was becoming a “new” Ancien Regime!

The 23 June 2016 is an historic date!

It is the date on which, some European citizens have said NO to an European Union that had moved away from being a “State of Law” based on the Rule of Law (and/or the Supremacy of Law above the Power) to be a “new form” of Ancien Regime. Exempli gratia, you can read: Epis Luca, The Meaning of Rule of Law (chapter: Rule of Law; paragraph: Rule of Law like Universal Principle of any Legal System).

An Ancien Regime that is ruled (no longer by a greedy land aristocracy) but by a greedier economic-financial and banking oligarchy that, like its predecessors, is used to act above: the Rule of Law; the ethical and legal values; and the People.

The ethical and legal principles were “transmuted” into empty and void “advertising slogans”, that are used for marketing and/or attracting “customers”, but never met.

Principles, in fact, were always subordinate to: economic profit; banking system; and the interests of business!

The People returned to being simply “the one” who has to be “squeezed” through taxes!!

Beyond the “new forms” and “appearances”, the citizens of European Union (and certainly the Italian people) have found themselves in the position of “those ancient English people” who were thieved by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Exempli gratia, you can read: Epis Luca, Alcune criticità inerenti l’azione di rettifica (D.P.R. n. 131 del 26/4/1986, artt. 51 e 52) ed il “valore venale” del bene.

The Rule of Law fell under the financial and economic needs!!

An example of this is given by Greece.

It is interesting to see how, in front of’ the “arrogance” of this “new” Sheriff of Nottingham, the first people, how had the force to “rebel” itself, was the British one!! History repeated!!

We can say that, with the referendum, the England of the Magna Charta won above the England that decided to support an European Union that is able to impose its Union only with: the “threat of the economic consequences” (!!); fear (!!); etc … .

But, for the People, getting out from this European Union does not mean to lose “everything”, as People has already lost “everything” being inside this Union.

On the contrary for the peoples, it is a way to get back their own money and their own Freedom. Only the Sheriffs of Nottingham have something to lose.

That the current European establishment is “anti-democratic” was made “clear” several times. Lastly, right in these days Post Brexit!!

Several supporters of this kind of European Union (and I stress: THIS KIND OF EUROPEAN UNION) did a “television marathons” arguing: the irresponsibility of Cameron for having given to the English people the right to decide their own Fate!!!!!!!!!!! Exempli gratia, this happened on the Italian media.

The Peoples, for these kind of establishment, should NOT have the right to decide and/or to choose for themselves!! The Peoples must be “reduced” to be silent “flocks of sheep”. Obedient “flocks” who have only to pay taxes to maintain the economic and financial oligarchy and its “servants”!!

Well, the English people said NO to this kind of System.

The English people wanted to regain possession of: their own sovereignty; and, their own right to decide for themselves.

In doing so, the British people did not destroy the possibility that, in the future, a better European Union may be created. On the contrary, they have put the bases for creating a transparent, democratic, European Union (governed by the principium of Supremacy of Law above the Power) in which all Peoples will be equal. An Europe that we do NOT have so long so far.

No changes could be possible, unless someone makes the “first step” and say clear NO.

So, British people told the first concrete NO to the current oligarchic, anti-democratic, tyrannical European Union (based on the principium of economic-financial supremacy).

A THANK YOU to the English people who had the courage to say NO.

As Bernard Shaw said: “I envy you the power to say no” (The Doctor’s Dilemma).


For those who want to read the works mentioned above in the Post, here there are the links:

Epis L., The Meaning of Rule of Law. Link: The Meaning of Rule of Law – Book

Epis L., Alcune criticità inerenti l’azione di rettifica (D.P.R. n. 131 del 26/4/1986, artt. 51 e 52) ed il “valore venale” del bene. Link:

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