The last part of “A Critical Study on How the Psychopathological Construct of Antisocial Personality and Psychopathy Has Imploded. An Alternative Empirical Theory Overthrows the Psychopathological Explanation” will be delayed until further notice. This is due “some problems” with the computers (where all the materials and notes about these studies were stored). BOTH most of the data, articles and notes (that have been gathered since 2005), AND most of the minutes, drafts and sketches (that have been written in the last 10 years of studies and researches), have been destroyed by some technicians that, unfortunately, “touched” them. As I need both new hardware (… the minor of the problem …) and to gather, to organized and to re-write, all of the previous materials (… that, actually, it is the main problem … in term of time … and not only …), I do not know when it will be possible to proceed with the publications. The damage has been huge, VERY HUGE. Most of the information and data were gathered worldwide in the last 10 years. Moreover, nowadays, I am doing these works in the free time.

Anyways, a very brief and partial idea about the content of the second part of A Critical Study on How the Psychopathological Construct of Antisocial Personality and Psychopathy Has Imploded. An Alternative Empirical Theory Overthrows the Psychopathological Explanation” could be get (incidentally) from the De Nova Superstitione (that I published in Italian both like Post and like book in PDF on this website). You can translate it in English, even if some people have already told Me that the translations (that have been done by the computers) are NOT good. In particular, you can read:  De Nova Superstitione, Chapter IIIL’Inganno del Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc“, paragraph,La Pervasività dell’Influenza Sociale“.

The studies, which I announced in Forthcoming Page, have the same problem, as their materials were stored in same place.

As I am writing this post the 24th of December, I want to say to my Readers (that, in these seven months of activity of this website, have reached the number of 8.300): Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Con questo POST desidero RINGRAZIARE tutti i Lettori del Blog. Nato due mesi fa, ha superato i 2000 lettori. Di questi, la metà sono Italiani, mentre i restanti provengono da tutto il resto del Mondo. Essi appartengono: sia, ad Istituzioni Academiche e/o Università; sia, alla Popolazione Generale. Per tali motivi è stato deciso d’implementare la Dimensione Internazionale.

Così …,

… la lettura più attesa di quest’Estate, Rule of Law and English Legal System, è rivolta a  tutti!! Veramente, a Tutti!!

Il Blog ha deciso anche d’unire: la dimensione rigorosa, accademica, degna di pubblicazione scientifica; con la dimensione ironica e satirica. Quest’ultima non sminuisce la prima, ma l’arricchisce.

Nonostante ciò, il Blog rimane 100% Italiano!

Al momento non sono state attivate le funzioni di: pingback; commento; etc…. Il Blog è gestito interamente da chi scrive nel tempo libero. Con più tempo, e maggiori risorse, da dedicare al Blog, saranno attivate. In ogni caso, se avete qualcosa d’importante da dire sui contenuti dei Posts, inviateMi un email.


I thank you all the Readers of this Blog. The Blog was born two months ago; at the present tense, the Readers have surpassed the 2000 people. Half of them are Italians; half of them are from all the rest of the World. They belong to:  both, Academic Institutions or Universities; and, all the rest of the People. Hence, the International Dimension will be implemented.

So …,

… the most waited reading for this Summer, Rule of Law and English Legal System, is addressed to, and useful for, anyone! Really for Everyone!!

The Blog has also decided to join: the rigorous, academic, dimension (worth to be a scientific publication); with, an ironical, and sometimes satirical, one. The latter does not diminish the former, but the former is enriched by the latter.

Nevertheless, the Blog remains 100% Italian!

At the present tense, for several reasons, the Blogger has not still activated: the comments; the pingback functions; etc… . This is as the Blogger has to do everything by himself in his free time.  As more time and resource are available, they will be activated.  Nevertheless …, if You have something of important to say about the Posts, send Me an email. I will be pleased to read your comments for improving the writings.